Welcome to the Second Arctic Science Ministerial


Adobe Stock/Max Pagano

How vulnerable and how resilient are nature and the people of the Arctic region? How well do we understand the regional and global dynamics which are driving change in the Arctic? What impact will change in the Arctic have on us? These and other questions are the focus of this two-day conference. It will take interdisciplinary research in the Arctic to gain an understanding of past and future processes – a complex and cost-intensive venture. Germany, the European Commission and Finland are hosting the Second Arctic Science Ministerial.

The focus of Day 1 is the Arctic Science Forum which researchers from 26 nations, representatives of indigenous peoples and NGOs will engage in an exchange on international cooperation in Arctic research. 

There will be a Science Ministers meeting on Day 2. The aim of this second Science Ministers Meeting is to increase the capacity to cope with the grand challenges facing society in the Arctic and to promote further scientific cooperation among a large number of countries and representatives of Indigenous Peoples.